1) Jelqing exercise:

  • First bring your penis to semi-erect position.
  • Hold the lower end of your penis with left hand as shown in figure
  • Then hold your penis with your right hand just above your left hand
  • Then gradually move your right hand along the length
  • Do it atleast 20 mins everyday for 2 months till you start noticing the difference.

How does it work:

Jelqing works by forcing blood through the penis, which is made of 50 percent smooth muscle. This force increases the internal pressure and creates micro-tears in the smooth muscle and other tissues.

Just like building muscle in any other part of your body, through this controlled damage and then rebuilding, the smooth muscle grows. With the penis, this results in increased length and girth.

2) Penis pumps:

Penis pumps are very useful as they can work on auto pilot.You just have to put your penis inside the cylinder of the pump and then pump air in it,it will bring all the blood rushing in your penis which will not only help you in increasing the size but also to improve your erection time.Two birds with single stone, not bad right?

3) Penis weights or hangers:

This is another auto pilot method where you will have a small weight hanging to your penis and you can wear it all day as it wont be visible under your pants.Let gravity do the hardwork;-)
P.S.- It will take a while to get used to it and you would have to wear lose pants.

4) Regular Exercise:

If you have a big tummy sagging over your penis then it will make your penis look smaller.So get up and loose those extra pounds of your body.Nowadays their are several ways to loose weight in as short as 6 months.I know we can't afford to have gym trainers and dieticians 24/7 like the hollywood actors but still their training plans with video tutorials are all over the internet for as low as 40$.
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5) Pills and injections:

Don't you even think about those solutions.These shortcuts can destroy your sex life as you can suffer from penile dysfunction or low sperm count.Don't consume any pills unless your doctor recommends it.


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